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Great to have you here at MetropolitanDecor! Welcome and thank you for finding time to get to know more about our store, and our company. 

Modern Design Center Inc is a California-USA registered company founded in 2009 by two tech-savvy women who were destined to be entrepreneurs.

The genesis of MetropolitanDecor.com

2009 was around the time big box retailers and furniture stores across the United States were closing out or running liquidation sales. They caught the wave of furniture and home decor manufacturers open to establish new businesses and enter the realm of e-commerce. MetropolitanDecor.com domain was found available at around 2AM of June 9, and became the first official site of Modern Design Center. The days that followed were sleepless nights of developing the website, bringing in a team of housewives and family members adding products, and establishing business with the manufacturers. Finally on June 27, we rang the bell for our first order of a set of tea cups, but it was out of stock. The second order was placed for a Dodo chair and a wall clock - and these were all fulfilled - on July 6, which was one of the founders' birthday!

How We Thrive

Now on its 6th year, MetropolitanDecor.com stays resilient amid the high-competitive e-commerce the world has become. The two women continue to work sleepless nights, and with the help of seven strong housewives, strive to keep the site fresh, clean and full of wonderful things ready to be delivered to you.