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Eiffel Office Chair | SohoConcept

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Soho Concept Eiffel office Chair
design by Soho Concept Team

Eiffel office is a contemporary office chair with a comfortable upholstered seat and backrest on a height-adjustable gas piston base which swivels and tilts. The chair has a chromed steel five star base with black plastic casters. The seat has a steel structure with "S" shape springs for extra flexibility and strength. This steel frame molded by injecting polyurethane foam. Eiffel seat is upholstered with an easily removable slipcover. Eiffel collection is suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Chrome Plated Steel

30" - 33" H x 24" W x 24" depth x 15" - 18" seat height
Base: 27" D

Types of Leather
Furni-Soft Leatherette - Black 901
Furni-Soft Leatherette - White 001
Furni-Soft Leatherette - Light Grey 050
Furni-Soft Leatherette - Red 260
Furni-Soft Leatherette - Brown 340
Furni-Soft Leatherette - Blue
Furni-Soft Leatherette - Orange
Furni-Soft Leatherette - Green
Kent Leatherette - Purple 5232-10/08
Italian PPM - Green PPM 2353-12
Italian PPM - Golden 120389
Italian PPM - Brown 2077-12
Italian PPM - Orange 2217-12
Italian PPM - Chestnut 2809-12
Italian PPM - Sky Blue 1104-12
Italian PPM - Red 2209-12
Italian PPM - Black 2001-12
Italian PPM - White 2113-12
Italian PPM - Bone 2403-12
Italian PPM - Grey 2416-12
Italian PPM - Smoke Grey 2406-12
Kent Genuine Leather - Black 10254

Types of Fabric/Wool
Oslo Fabric - 95742 Orange
Oslo Fabric - 114615 Dark Blue
Oslo Fabric - 114620 Yellow
Ercan Wool - Dark Grey 21
Camira Wool - Orange Goldsmith CUZ39
Camira Wool - Dark Grey Silcoates CUZ30
Camira Wool - Silver Silverdale CUZ28
Camira Wool - Red Wellington CUZ13
Camira Wool - Sky Blue Manchester CUZ1V
Camira Wool - Amber Dunhurst CUZ58
Camira Wool - Turquoise Aston CUZ02
Camira Wool - Deep Maroon Banbridge CUZ32
Camira Wool - Pistachio Newport CUZ1L

Ships in 5 to 7 business days.

Types of Material

Furni-soft Leatherette
53% Polyurethane, 32% Polyester, 15% Cotton
Kent Leatherette
73% Polyurethane, 27% Polyester

Leatherette is known for better fitting and durability. It looks and feels like genuine leather. Despite being cost effective, leatherette seat covers provide the appeal and comfort of leather.

Suitable for all climates, our leatherette material is breathable, anti-microbial, flame retardant and easy to clean. It's also strong enough to use in all applications including commercial areas.

Italian PPM
100% Polyurethane

PPM (Polyurethane-Polyester Microfiber) is a new upholstery material that has many advanced features including breathability, super durability, easy cleaning and maintenance. It is suitable for all climates and with its high durability, it emulates the finest leathers. PPM's 1.5 mm thickness gives reliable strength that also resists tearing, sagging, crocking and shrinking. PPM is recommended for high traffic commercial environments.

Kent Genuine Leather
100% Genuine Leather

Leather is a natural material which is permeable to air and moisture; it is supple and soft, warm, flexible and durable. With its fine, slightly tinted lacquer finish, genuine leather is flame resistant, lightfast, oil-resistant and water repellent. The exquisite beauty and true naturalness of genuine leather is easy to clean and care for and it retains its original beauty for a very long time.

Keep leather away from direct sunlight and avoid close proximity to heating sources. Clean with white cloth. If needed, wipe with soapy water followed by clear water.

Ercan Wool
90% Wool, 10% Viscose

Wool is a natural fiber with a number of excellent qualities and unique properties. Suitable for all climates, the wool fibers adapt easily to room temperature, having a cooling effect in warm rooms and a warming effect in cold rooms.

The fibers are elastic so they tolerate compression and stretching better than any other materials. Wool will always seek to regain its original shape, and therefore woolen textiles are highly resistant to wear and will show few signs of creasing. Wool naturally repels dirt thanks to its unique structure of fibers and to the fact that it is not prone to static electricity. Intrinsically flame retardant, wool has a very high ignition temperature and chars rather than dripping or melting. Vacuum regularly. Professionally dry clean or wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Camira Wool
100% Pure New Wool

Manufactured in the UK, Camira Wool is a totally natural, renewable and sustainable wool that gives task and soft seating a contemporary edge. Camira's most sustainable fabric ever is a unique blend of pure new wool and nettle fiber, creating an unrivaled environmental profile with inherent fire retardancy. Vacuum regularly. Professionally dry clean or wipe clean with a damp cloth.

26.00 LBS
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