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Eiffel Wood Stool Leather | SohoConcept
Eiffel Wood Stool Leather | SohoConcept

Eiffel Wood Stool Leather | SohoConcept

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Eiffel Wood Stool Leather

design by sohoConcept team

Eiffel Wood is a contemporary stool with a comfortable upholstered seat and backrest on a solid walnut beech. The seat has a steel structure with モSヤ shape springs for extra flexibility and strength. This steel frame is molded by injecting polyurethane foam. Eiffel seat is upholstered with a removable velcro, enclosed leather, PPM or leatherette slip cover.

Counter: 36" H x 19.5" W x 23" D x 23" Seat height
Bar: 42" H x 19.5" W x 23" D x 28" Seat height

Types of Material
Black Leatherette
White Leatherette
Light Grey Leatherette
Red Leatherette
Green Leatherette
PPM Black
PPM White
PPM Cream
PPM Bone
PPM Brown
PPM Grey
PPM Green
PPM Orange
PPM Sky Blue
PPM Grey & Bronze Italian
PPM Silver Italian
Black Leather (top grain)

Ships in 5 to 7 business days.

58% Polyurethane, 28% Polyester, 14% Cotton

Leatherette is known for better fitting anddurability. It looks and feels like genuineleather. Despite being cost effective, leatherette seat covers provide the appealand comfort of leather.Suitable for all climates, our leatherette material is breathable, anti-microbial, flame retardant and easy to clean. It's also strongenough to use in all applications including commercial areas.

100% Genuine Leather

Leather is a natural material which ispermeable to air and moisture; it is suppleand soft, warm, flexible and durable itscharacteristic comfort properties have beenappreciated since time immemorial. With itsfine, slightly tinted lacquer finish, genuineleather is flameresistant, lightfast, oil-resistantand water-repellent. It complies with todayï¾’smost stringent standards. The exquisitebeauty and true naturalness of genuine leatheris easy to clean and care for and it retains itsoriginal beauty for a very long time.

Italian PPM
100% Polyurethane

PPM (Polyurethane-Polyester Microfiber)is a new upholstery material that has many advanced features including breathability,super durability, easy cleaning and maintenance. It is suitable for all climates and with its high durability, it emulates thefinest leathers. PPMï¾’s 1.5 mm thickness givesreliable strength that also resists tearing,sagging, crocking and shrinking. PPM is recommended for high traffic commercial environments.

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