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Harmony Sofa | SohoConcept

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Harmony Sofa

Innovatively designed, Harmony sofa carries the characteristics of its name. Harmony sofa is built on solid birch wood frame with foam insert seating on chrome plated steel legs. Aside from the stock colors shown, Harmony sofa may be special ordered in range of other colors and materials with no minimum quantity required. Thanks to its futuristic design, it's a perfect solution for both commercial and residential modern spaces.

Chrome Plated Steel Tubes

24" H x 102" W x 32" D x 14.5" seat height

Types of Material
Camira Era - Red Fabric
Camira Era - Turquiose Fabric
Camira Wool - Dark Grey
Camira Wool - Silver
Camira Wool - Orange
Camira Wool - Deep Maroon
Cream Tweed
Orange Velvet
Black PPM
White PPM

Ships in 5 to 7 business days.

Camira Wool
100% Pure New Wool

Manufactured in the UK, Blazer is a classicpure new wool upholstery fabric with a billiardcloth felted fi nish. It is made from premium NewZealand lambswool, where responsible farmingprovides the highest quality raw material which issoft, clean and bright, which is ideal for spinning,weaving and dyeing. The color palette is anexciting mix of solids and mélanges across the fullcolor spectrum, creating a versatile fabric suitablefor wide-ranging furniture applications. Blazermeets the ACT voluntary Performance Guidelinesand is classifi ed for Heavy Duty Upholstery.

Fabric 1A
66% Viscose, 22% Linen, 12% Cotton

Viscose has a silk-like aesthetic withsuperb drape and feel and retains itsrich brilliant colours. Its cellulosic basecontributes many properties similarto those of cotton or other naturalcellulosic fibres. Cotton’s best propertyis its ability to breathe by absorbing andreleasing perspiration quickly. Polyesterprovides improved wrinkle resistance,durability, high color retention and itslow absorbency allows the fiber to dryvery quickly. Linen absorbs moisture veryrapidly and dries quickly so it is one ofthe most comfortable fabrics for warmclimates. The blend of polyester withviscose, cotton and linen contributesdurability, resiliency and shape retention.

Fabric 1
40%Acrylic, 27% Cotton, 18% Linen, 15% Polyester

Viscose has a silk-like aesthetic with superbdrape and feel and retains its rich brilliantcolours. Its cellulosic base contributesmany properties similar to those of cottonor other natural cellulosic fibres. Cotton’sbest property is its ability to breathe byabsorbing and releasing perspirationquickly. Polyester provides improvedwrinkle resistance, durability, high colorretention and its low absorbency allowsthe fiber to dry very quickly. Linen absorbsmoisture very rapidly and dries quickly soit is one of the most comfortable fabricsfor warm climates. The blend of polyesterwith viscose, cotton and linen contributesdurability, resiliency and shape retention.

Italian PPM
100% Polyurethane

PPM (Polyurethane-Polyester Microfiber)is a new upholstery material that has manyadvanced features including breathability,super durability, easy cleaning andmaintenance. It is suitable for all climatesand with its high durability, it emulates thefinest leathers. PPM’s 1.5 mm thickness givesreliable strength that also resists tearing,sagging, crocking and shrinking. PPM isrecommended for high traffic commercialenvironments.

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