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Sunflower Fresnel Standing Lamp | Dirk Vander Kooij

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design by Dirk Vander Kooij, 2016

The SunFLOWER Fresnel standing lamp is a new lighting concept by Dirk Vander Kooij. It derives from the Fresnel Light, the result of two years of research and prototyping. Instead of a pendant lamp, the SunFLOWER is mounted on a metal frame with multiple branches. Each of these branches ends in a Fresnel lamp module, like the buds on the stem of a flower. The lamp module itself consists of two plastic halves, enclosing LED modules. The hundreds of dimmable LED-lights produce over 50.000 hours of light and are easy to replace.

A sunflower has a special relationship to the sun. The flower itself resembles quite clearly the shape of the sun, but more special is the direct relationship with light. During its growth, sunflowers tilt throughout the day to face the sun. The SunFLOWER lamp uses this heliotropism in a reverse way. Instead of tracking the light, this sunflower is the source of light. Each lamp rotates around a center core, a metal ball, making the direction of the light easy to adjust and to aim where needed.

The SunFLOWER standing lamp is part of a family of lamps with different numbers and different sizes of lights, a whole bouquet of flowers! Includes footswitch dimmer.

Reclaimed synthetics housing
Steel center ball, frame and base


SunFLOWER V: 20.3" W x 59.2" H
SunFLOWER Y: 19.4" W x 65.6" H
SunFLOWER H: 21.2" W x 70.3" H
SunFLOWER YM: 29" W x 66.2" H

SunFLOWER V: 46W LEDs 2700K 3200lm (included)
SunFLOWER Y: 69W LEDs 2700K 4800lm (included)
SunFLOWER H: 92W LEDs 2700K 6400lm (included)
SunFLOWER YM: 103W LEDs 2700K 7100lm (included)

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks to ship.

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